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Resume Bloopers

A few months ago a client provided his existing cover letter for my review. The first line read: Dear Sir/Madam, please overlook my resume!

Another person came in for her appointment and explained that she sent out 49 resumes in the past two months without any calls. I commended her for her efforts in this job campaign. Then I asked: did you notice that Dufferin Street is spelled wrong? What!!! Oh no, that's probably why no one called me for an interview. I explained that the entire resume should be restructured to be competitive in today's job market. She agreed and placed her order.

A student wrote in his cover letter: 'I want to be unemployed soon because I have been unemployed for a month since I finished college'. Did you happen to notice the word unemployed appearing twice?

These errors appear minor although they are actually major! When you leave the writing to our experts who are certified and write daily, you should receive calls soon after receiving your documents. It's been proven time and time again with our clients.

Depend on us for quality. Write: writinghelp@rogers.com for a quote. Consider ordering a new resume or a resume update. Contact us today at writinghelp@rogers.com Give us your details.

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