• Karen Shane, Resume Writer

When are you planning on returning to work?

Are you going to have to re-apply for work this week? Will you need a resume? Are you unemployed in North America? Not sure where to start in your career?

We will listen to your story and produce a quality resume for you. Connect with me and I'll tell explain everything about my certified resume writing services. If you're a New Canadian with a permanent residency status (PR), then you'll be in good hands. Or, if you're graduating high school and not sure what type of job to look for, you can speak with me, or if you recently graduated from university or college, connect with me so I can assist you.

There is hope. It is possible to move forward in your career pathway. Let me know what type of work you want to do, give me some details in writing and we'll speak on the phone. It's easy to contact Karen, a certified professional resume writer and strategist for 26 years. Let's get you back to work fast. Email: shaneresumes@gmail.com I am here to assist you in following your dreams to employment. Rise above and take action today.


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