• Karen Shane, Resume Writer

Thank you to all the front line healthcare workers, volunteers, and ...

Everyone else who has gone the distance to protect the spread of Covid 19 and care for patients. Just to let you know, I can write PSW, RPN and RN resumes and understand a lot of medical terminology having worked in the healthcare industry years ago.

Are you thinking about updating your resume right after Covid 19 is over? Why not consider doing this now to get a head start? Beat the competition by taking the next step now and contacting me at shaneresumes@gmail.com Start asking your questions. Give me information related to your years of experience, academic studies, volunteer experience, and employment. It's always good to let me know your special skills too.

I look forward to assisting you with a resume and cover letter by phone and email. By the way, I'm certified in resume writing so you can depend on me for professional resume services. Karen shane resumes at g mail dot com Remember, give me details about your job title(s) that pique your interest.


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